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Get key cutting services and lock installations at a price you can afford from Caledonian Lock & Safe in Glasgow. With over 40 years of experience in the security services industry, you can rely on us each and every time. We can help you protect your property from forced entry with the very best of security. 

So whether you are a private or a commercial customer we have the perfect solution for you and your premises.

Caledonian Lock and Safe, the future, today

Imagine having a single, coded key that fits not just your office doors, but your home as well. You can throw away that bunch of keys and replace them with the most technologically advanced key and lock system today!
Caledonian can cut keys to code to help you protect your property. We also cut keys for these manufacturers:
  • Abloy
  • MUL-T-LO
  • Yale
  • Chubb
  • Union
  • Evva
  • Kaba
  • Assa
  • Ruku
  • La Perche
  • And more

Lock installations

Caledonian Lock and Safe in Glasgow, can help protect your property from forced entry with rim locks (Yale type), mortice locks, padlocks, security padlocks, pad bars, window locks (for both aluminium and wood frames), wooden and metal furniture locks.

Certain lock and key systems are protected by law and replacement or extra keys can only be duplicated with the correct authorisation procedure, giving you peace of mind that no-one can replicate your keys or replace your locks without the proper authority.

Multilock security restricted keys

The Mul-T-Lock Integrator is the next-generation development of our standard 7x7® system and provides a higher level of tamper resistance for a wide variety of locking applications.

The Integrator comprises a special high-precision 7-pin tumbler mechanism with a factory-ready, patented key blank that includes an oval cut. Special launcher pins are inserted into the relevant plug chambers of the cylinder, which correspond to the oval key cut to complete the system’s pin tumbler security mechanism.

The special cuts on Integrator keys are available in three different configurations: internal, external and twin cut. This enables a wide variety of keying options and a flexible master-keying hierarchy for different locking products and environments. The robust, highly tamper resistant key and cylinder system can be keyed alike, keyed to differ or master keyed according to preference.

Additional key combination cuts on the Integrator key blank can be made using the 7x7 key cutting machine and master system. The Mul-T-Lock Integrator is patent-protected, and duplicate keys are produced by authorised Mul-T-Lock dealers, subject to the presentation of the coded Key Registration Card by the registered owner. The Integrator system is an excellent choice for environments that require a comprehensive, cost-effective locking solution, together with high key security standards for more sensitive areas. 

When combining the two systems together to secure a building or facility, the Integrator key and cylinder can be used as a first line of defense on the external perimeter of doors and the 7x7 cylinders, which can be opened by Integrator keys, can be installed in internal doors and padlocks.

Landlord Cylinders

The ‘3 in 1’ cylinder has been designed by CLS to allow users to easily change their key combinations. 
It’s a simple and efficient process. The user inserts and operates the next key in a sequence of three keys and the introduction of each new key invalidates the previous key combination.

The product is packaged with three key types which are colour-coded and clearly marked in a sequence, to guide the customer in the correct usage. First, they use the green set of keys. Then, when they need to change the combination, they start using the yellow key and if they need to change the combination again, they use the red key. Each new colour used cancels out the previous key combination meaning the previous key can no longer be used. Removing the risk of previous tenants copying keys before they leave your property and the cost and hassle of getting locks changed. 

When all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may be re-keyed by CLS workshops. The ‘3 in 1’ cylinder can be ordered with three separate duplicating cards for green, yellow and red keys.
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